Weekly Updates From the COTI Team

Some of COTI’s latest updates about our technology progress, advancements in COTI’s 7, and a glance at the team behind COTI. Here is our weekly recap:

COTI Debit Cards Update

We are happy to share COTI’s bank accounts and debit cards progress with you and give you a glimpse into what the UI will look like. Check it out: https://cotinetwork.medium.com/coti-debit-cards-update-8d0372a688b

COTI’s PoT is a green alternative to PoW

COTI’s CTO, Dr. Nir Haloani, explained why COTI’s Proof of Trust is a green alternative to PoW: https://cotinetwork.medium.com/why-cotis-proof-of-trust-is-a-green-alternative-to-pow-cceb5620697


The fourth weekly NFT raffle has been successfully completed! Congratulations to the 205 winners! Watch the Raffle results presented by Dor Baron, COTI’s Customer Support & Marketing Specialist, and read all details here: https://cotinetwork.medium.com/coti-nft-game-4th-raffle-results-e4d123d17018

Meet Dor Baron, COTI’s customer support & marketing specialist.

Dor joined our team a few months ago, after gaining interdisciplinary experience in the fields of International Relations, NPOs, and Business Development. He holds a BA degree in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy from IDC Herzliya, and studies for a Master’s degree in Management and Public Administration (EMPA) at Haifa University.

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