Weekly Updates From the COTI Team

3 min readJun 11, 2021

We are all very excited to kick off the COTI NFT game with the first CLAIM period which started yesterday! Make sure to stay tuned on everything that is going around our NFT game for a chance to win up to 2,000,000 COTI!

Here is our weekly recap:

  • COTI NFT Game kicked off with the 1st claim opening

The 1st CLAIM period for the COTI NFT game is now open! You have until Sunday, June 13th at 9 am UTC to press the CLAIM button in your COTI Pay VIPER wallet. We remind you that you can win up to 2,000,000 COTI through this game. For all the information on how to participate, make sure to visit here: https://medium.com/cotinetwork/how-to-participate-in-cotis-nft-game-and-win-prizes-of-over-2-000-000-coti-549dc6f987bb

The COTI NFT game didn’t go unnoticed and got covered by CoinCodex.

  • The Crypto Volatility Index (GOVI) is now listed on the DeFi Pulse leaderboard!

We were excited to announce that the Crypto Volatility Index (CVI) is now listed on the Defi Pulse leaderboard! Check it out: https://cviofficial.medium.com/the-crypto-volatility-index-govi-is-now-listed-on-the-defi-pulse-leaderboard-922c4108b37a

  • The Crypto Volatility Index (GOVI) has integrated with The Graph

The CVI platform has integrated The Graph for a significant speed increase to our users! Read more: https://cviofficial.medium.com/the-crypto-volatility-index-govi-has-integrated-with-the-graph-16507102cee

  • CVI has been covered by the cryptonews.com platform

How Crypto Volatility Index Realizes The Upside In Market Downturns — Read the full article here: https://cryptonews.com/exclusives/how-crypto-volatility-index-realizes-the-upside-in-market-do-10581.htm

  • Bridge Update

We continue with the COTI Bridge tests and so far it is pretty successful. This tasting phase allows us to see where are the issues to be fixed and help us prepare ourselves even better for the coming native listing. Thanks to all the participants for their patience and cooperation.

Stay COTI!

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