Ultra eWallet 2.0 — product highlights

2 min readJan 13, 2021


In November 2020, we launched Ultra eWallet 1.0 with one of the World’s Top Gaming Groups — Dafabet.

As part of version 1.0, we have built an entire wallet and payment system, specifically for Dafabet’s gaming platforms, using our Trustchain and Payment Gateway technology stack.

We are happy to share that version 2.0 will include a USDT processing gateway solution to the Ultra eWallet. The payment gateway enables Dafabet users to easily pay with their USDT by scanning the QR code on the checkout page.

Ultra eWallet version 2.0 will thus include a full range of payment options:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Bank Account transfer
  3. New: USDT direct processing

We are already building Ultra eWallet version 2.0 these days and expect to launch it with Dafabet in a matter of weeks.

Version 2.0 would bring about growth of the processing volume with Dafabet as many of their users have specifically requested this feature.

We remind you all that the entire payment process operates on the Trustchain rails, allowing for instant settlement and transparency. It also lifts the organic demand for $COTI while rewarding node operators and stakers.

Stay COTI!

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