There are only 4 Days Left to Share in a Massive Amount of gCOTI!

2 min readMay 4, 2023

With just 4 days left until the end of the gCOTI Airdrop Campaign for ERC20 based tokens, participants have a unique opportunity to receive a substantial share of gCOTI rewards.

By the end of the campaign, a massive amount of between 25M and 30M gCOTI will be shared amongst all participants at no cost! Considering the current ratio of deposited assets versus the amount of gCOTI that will be airdropped, this campaign has the potential to be super lucrative for participants. At current deposit levels, locked assets would receive 120 gCOTI for every $1 USD deposited. This includes the 500,000 gCOTI that has already been allocated to the first 100 participants of the campaign.

To see just how much participants could potentially earn, we’ll look at a hypothetical scenario:

James joined the campaign today and deposited 10,000 USD worth of $COTI ERC20 tokens. There were no further participants after him. Based on the current deposit levels, James would receive on average 1,200,000 gCOTI in rewards. If he chooses to lock his deposit for the maximum period of 360 days, he could receive even more.

Participants of both the Native and ERC20-based campaigns will be the very first to be able to use the APY boost function of their gCOTI tokens.

Now, while we do expect a late rush as the campaign draws to a close, it cannot be understated just how much gCOTI is on offer. The campaign will be closed on May 8th at 13:00 UTC so don’t miss your chance! Join here:

Watch the tutorial to learn how you can get involved.
Learn about the full gCOTI Airdrop campaign here.

Stay COTI!

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