The Native & ERC20-based Campaigns have been Completed. Here’s the Rundown

3 min readMay 9, 2023

After 14 days, the ERC20-based token phase of the gCOTI Airdrop Campaign has ended. This marks the end of the first two phases of the campaign and a major milestone in the rollout of COTI’s Treasury Governance token, gCOTI.

We’ve crunched the numbers on both phases and are happy to share a rundown of how the campaign has performed so far.

With a total of 4,238 deposits spanning both phases of the campaign, users deposited a total of 367M $COTI and 45,422 USDT/USDC at a value of around $26M USD. More than 87% of the participants of the Native campaign migrated 100% of their Treasury deposits to the campaign. When it comes to locking periods, 84% of participants locked their deposits for the full 360 days, 11% selected 180 days and the remaining 5% chose a 270 day locking period. This has increased COTI’s Total Value Locked (TVL) to $39M USD. We also saw a substantial number of 3,138 new VIPER Wallet applications received since the campaign was announced back in March.

A total of 82M gCOTI will be distributed amongst participants of both campaigns based on the size and duration of their deposits. That’s 57M gCOTI for the Native campaign (Including 2M gCOTI early bird bonus) and 25M gCOTI for the ERC20-based tokens campaign (including 500K gCOTI early bird bonus). The early bird bonus for both programs will be shared amongst 345 campaign participants. You can find a full list of all early bird bonus winners here.

Users will be able to see in the UI how much gCOTI they are entitled to, within the next few days. gCOTI rewards for both campaigns will be airdropped to participants’ VIPER Wallets on the 1st of June. Recipients will be the first to be able to use gCOTI’s APY boost function.

Exchange-Based $COTI ERC20 Campaign

We are close to being able to announce our exchange partner for this phase of the gCOTI Airdrop Campaign. In order to allow users to participate fairly, participants will have plenty of time to prepare once the details are released.

Community Campaign

This phase of the campaign is all about rewarding those that support COTI’s ecosystem and social networks. Once the campaign begins, community members will be given the opportunity to complete tasks in return for gCOTI airdrop rewards. Full details of this phase of the campaign will be released in the next few weeks.

Stay COTI!

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