Staking 3.0 Update - Capacity will Increase Sooner than Projected!

1 min readMar 10, 2021


We are excited to share that as recently published, February 2021 marked a new record in COTI’s processing volume, peaking at $18.6M. Furthermore, it’s only the 10th of March and we can already project that March will be even greater than February.

As COTI’s staking capacity is closely coupled with the business processing volume, we are happy to say that we will increase each Community Node’s capacity for April from 7M $COTI to 8M $COTI, adding 12M new $COTI staked, allowing new participants and further upgrades to current stakers.

As shared earlier today, we’ll also host a new Staking campaign on KuCoin, totaling April’s Staking Capacity to 135M Native $COTI!

We are extremely pleased to see how the ecosystem grows: More merchants processing more volume, adding organic demand for the Native $COTI, allowing us to increase the staking pool and staking rewards, locking out more of our supply. We can all see the results!

Stay COTI!

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