September Staking Rewards Distributed

We are happy to share that the rewards for the September staking cycle have been successfully distributed on October 3rd, 2021. The processing volume in September was 6% higher than it was in August.

The past few weeks have been very exciting, revealing COTI’s Growth Plan, releasing COTI’s Debit cards & Bank accounts, and announcing that COTI will issue Cardano’s stablecoin — Djed. in addition, we have a new community node joining the COTI family, starting October 1st — Weepaddy node, which will increase the total staking capacity to 151M $COTI!

As for September’s Staking cycle, the total staking pool reached 142M $COTI. COTI’s current staking reward model is based on the merchants’ transaction volume that is processed on the Trustchain. It generates fees for node operators and stakers, which are distributed according to their staking shares in the nodes.

Our newly added Weepaddy Node allowed over 500 new stakers to join in on our Staking program. On that note, we would like to welcome all the stakers who have joined the COTI stakers’ family and assure you that we continue to strive for COTI’s staking program to keep on being one of the most popular staking programs out there. We are aware that the COTI staking program waiting list is long and that it continues to grow along with our community. As our network keeps growing, we will allow more stakers to join in.

Stake COTI, Stay COTI!

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