Meet the Innovunode — COTI’s New Mainnet Node

2 min readMar 9, 2023

We are happy to share that a new Mainnet Node has been added to the COTI network: Innovunode! The new node is now live and running.

One of the core things we value at COTI is the active participation of our community members. This factor influences the way we choose new node operators, and as such, the selection process for the operators is not solely dependent on the length of their wait, but also on the nature of their activity as well as their contribution to the network.

The Innovunode has been operated by the well known Stefanos, who has been running a Testnet node since 2021.

Besides the fact that he is one of the most active community members in our channels, answering and helping new community members, he also built some useful tools for the community such as the COTI community Telegram bot and the COTI Treasury Telegram bot.

Stefanos also built this website which portrays other tools and bots that he built, along with educational information about COTI.

We encourage you to visit the website and check out its awesome features!

All the above made it a natural choice for us to pick Stefanos as the next COTI community node.

Here is what Stefanos had to say:

“Hey all, it is an honor having the opportunity to finally become a part of COTI’s Trustchain by running a Mainnet Node.

I’ve been active in the community since 2021 and it got my attention due to their partnership with Cardano, so I took a deeper look into it.

I directly fell in love with the project and in October of 2021, with the suggestion of Weepady, I decided to run a Testnet Node. Couldn’t have done it without the assistance of GeordieR & Fireflight, shoutout to them!

These last two years there have been some huge developments and I got to witness COTI transforming from a startup, to an enterprise grade L1 multitoken Trustchain.

I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with COTI’s great team and its amazing community!

I wish good luck to all the fellow testnet node operators, and be patient, it is worth the wait!”

The demand to become a COTI Mainnet node operator is still high, and one of our goals for 2023 is to expand the number of new Mainnet node operators, by allowing more Testnet operators to run a Mainnet node.

We are happy to have Stefanos join the COTI node operators team and we wish him all the success with his new Mainnet node!

Stay COTI!

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