Keeping the Community Involved: New Treasury Fee Model Proposal

2 min readJun 6, 2024


The COTI Treasury plays a significant role in the COTI ecosystem, and as such, we value any feedback you give. As we start to see an influx of new users who are getting to know COTI and want to take part in our ecosystem, combined with recent feedback from current Treasury users, we believe it’s the right time for the Treasury fee model to be updated!

In this article, we outline our proposal for the new Treasury fee model. As part of this process, the final decision on the adoption of any changes is left to members of the community. All gCOTI holders are given the opportunity to vote on whether this proposal should be implemented or not.

Treasury Fees

Actions within the COTI Treasury incur fees. These fees are paid back to COTI holders in the form of APY rewards on Treasury deposits.

For those new to the Treasury, you can learn about the the current Treasury’s fee structure here:

Treasury Fee Model

The new fee model includes a significant decrease in the fees charged by the Treasury. For starters, deposit fees are being decreased. Secondly, dynamic fees for withdrawals will be replaced with a single flat fee that is significantly decreased.

* The changes only apply to deposits and withdrawals of $COTI.

We believe that lowering the fees will encourage increased activity in the treasury, which ultimately should benefit the APY.

Feedback Window and Upcoming gCOTI Vote

Community members are invited to share their thoughts, suggestions and general feedback about the new model by writing to until June 12th.

On the 18th of June, a vote will be conducted and gCOTI holders will be given the deciding vote on whether this proposal is adopted or left as is.

Treasury Maintenance

While we try to maintain the Treasury best we can, we are not immune from bugs. We prioritize when to pause for maintenance vs other development needs. With that in mind, we are also happy to share that recent UI issues reported by some users have been fixed in the latest Treasury update.

Stay COTI!

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