Djed Update: Multi Wallet Support and UI Improvements

2 min readFeb 13, 2023

We are happy to share a new Djed update with you. As stated in the past, we will keep on improving the product on an ongoing basis, including releasing enhanced versions in the future. In this update we are pleased to share that we added multi wallet support and integrations for Djed, and among Nami Wallet, users can now also interact with the Djed platform, using Eternl, Yoroi wallet, GeroWallet, Flint, NuFi and Typhon Wallet.

Currently users can interact with the UI only with a single wallet-address.

By integrating these wallets, Djed will expand its reach to more users that wish to mint and burn DJED and SHEN on, enabling Djed’s widespread adoption.

UI improvements were also made and homepage now includes a better view of both DJED and SHEN’s status, including the mintable amount of each. Users will also be able to see when the reserve ratio was last updated.

We also added an option to switch between Mainnet and Testnet. Additionally, we added a column with the transaction hash to the order book including a link to the Cardano Scan, making it easier for users to track their transactions.

Additionally, we will add a feature for SHEN holders to check the status of their delegation rewards in the coming weeks. We will also keep on working towards establishing more Djed partnerships and integrations across the Cardano DeFi ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates.

Stay COTI!

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