Djed Development Update — Staking, Internal Monitoring Enhancements, and More

2 min readJan 13, 2023


In an effort to maintain transparency and consistency in our updates, we are pleased to share updates on Djed’s progress and development. We are still on track with the launch that has been planned for January. Here is a breakdown of updates and developments that we have been working on for the past few weeks:

We are working on enabling staking with the release of Djed 1.1.1 at launch, which will add extra incentive to $SHEN holders. This is a big upgrade from the current version, and we are working relentlessly towards making it happen. If everything goes as planned, we will update you and share a detailed article that explains how exactly it will work.

We are also finalizing the enhancement of our internal monitoring tools to provide a holistic view of the platform’s performance.

Moreover, we are integrating Elliptic services through our proxy to ensure Djed’s compliance and to prevent bad actors from using the Djed protocol.

We found an issue with the chain index during testing. The chain index is a program that syncs with the Cardano network and monitors the state of the reserve UTXOs. The issue we discovered is a minimal one and doesn’t impact the protocol beside a delay in the order processing. We are working towards fixing it, and we expect it to be resolved within the next few days.

We are sharing these updates with you as part of our commitment to be transparent and keep you updated on Djed’s progress. As stated above, the listed action items will not affect the planned launch date of Djed in January.

Stay COTI!

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