December Staking Rewards Have Been Successfully Distributed

Now that December’s staking rewards have been distributed, we can proudly say that we concluded a successful staking year. To date, COTI’s staking program is one of the reputed staking programs in the crypto space.

All stakers from all the 16 nodes who claimed their reward received the guaranteed return — between 20% and 35% according to the staking plan to which they belong.

Though the monthly transaction volume in December continued to increase to 15.1M$, the addition of a new node and the 30% increase in COTI’s average price, have offset the increase in the rewards.

We refer you to a previous article published where we demonstrated the effect of the COTI price on the fees collected.

In 2021, as a result of the success of our commercial development and the growth of our merchant network, we will be exploring ways to expand the capacity of our staking program.

Staking 3.0 is coming…

Stay tuned!

For any query about COTI’s Staking 2.0 program, please send an email to

For the full introduction to COTI’s Staking 2.0, click here.

To apply to Staking 2.0, click here.

Stake COTI, Stay COTI!

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