COTI’s Network Growth, Adoption and Better Interoperability Between Chains

Network growth and adoption:

Since then, we have seen an immense and constant monthly growth in demand for our services and technologies as demonstrated in the processing volume graph below:

New opportunities with merchants:

The rapid growth in processing volume by merchants, accompanied by the surge in the price of COTI, is challenging for merchants who are required to pay their fees for transactions using $COTI. We have identified this opportunity and COTI has proposed merchants to commit to a long term partnership which will allow them to acquire substantial amounts of COTI in pre-defined terms, in order to ease their network fees payments. This would give merchants a higher certainty regarding their future costs, while securing longevity and benefits within COTI’s ecosystem. The acquired $COTI will flow to the network in the form of fees paid as rewards to Node operators and Stakers. We believe that this long term commitment will create a true win-win situation for all stakeholders in COTI, in which coin holders will benefit from the increased network usage, the higher demand for $COTI and the secured rewards, while merchants will enjoy predictable terms and stable liquidity. We are truly excited about this achievement and the meaning it holds for COTI.

Liquidity and better interoperability between chains:

We understand that we need to streamline the liquidity between all of COTI’s chains (Native Trustchain, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain). The increased demand by merchants and stakers for the Native $COTI on one hand and the growing trading volume on $COTI ERC20 on the other hand are both good yet conflicting. This situation creates technical challenges that lead to inconsistency of price between exchanges and overload on the Cross-Chain Bridge. As we are always attentive to our community needs, we’d like to solve this for good. We are at the final stages of integrating the Native $COTI on a major exchange to significantly increase Native $COTI liquidity. In addition, we are placing a cross-exchange market-maker liquidity pool, consisting of $COTI Native / $COTI ERC20. This will allow better interoperability for users and serve merchants needs right as well as safeguard the network’s smooth operation.

Stay COTI!



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COTI is a DAG-based Layer 1, specifically designed for Enterprises. COTI’s Protocol is scalable, fast, private, inclusive, low cost and is optimized for finance