COTI will Integrate the ADA Pay Solution with CardWallet to Provide a Robust Payment System for its Users

We are happy to share that we have partnered with CardWallet to bring the advantages of a non-custodial wallet and an easy-to-use payment platform to the CardWallet community. We will work together to integrate the ADA Pay solution to CardWallet to provide a robust payment system for CardWallet’s users.

CardWallet and COTI have a common vision of increasing user participation in the DeFi ecosystem by making it seamless for users to interact with the DeFi protocols.

One of the interesting news shared by Cardano is that half a billion dollars worth of ADA is currently being delegated to charity-focused initiatives on Cardano through mission-driven stake pools. Projects like ADA Pay are focused on global adoption of crypto and CardWallet’s integration with ADA Pay can bring more community members into the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Tiago Serodio, the CEO and co-founder of CardWallet says:

“We are passionate about working with projects that facilitate real-time use cases such as buying products or donating to your favourite charity using crypto. Merchants and consumers across the globe alike can use CardWallet to make payments for various goods and services. This is an exciting opportunity that we are really thrilled to be a part of.

COTI’s ADA Pay has been making waves in the DeFi space as it provides access for crypto holders to spend their assets in the market just as they would spend their fiat. Looking forward to this collaboration with COTI, which is going to open up exciting opportunities for our community members.”

About CardWallet

CardWallet is a non-custodial wallet solution built for the Cardano blockchain and several other protocols, incubated by the Occam Association. With out-of-the-box support for Cardano native tokens and Visa, Mastercard, and ApplePay fiat on-ramps, CardWallet is expected to rapidly become a major wallet provider for the entire crypto ecosystem. CardWallet’s strategic and technical partners already include Scalable Solutions, Simplex,, Nodeseeds and Crypto Dorm Fund. Learn more at CardWallet’s website.

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The world’s first DAG protocol optimized for creating decentralized payment networks and stable coins. Visit our website

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The world’s first DAG protocol optimized for creating decentralized payment networks and stable coins. Visit our website

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