COTI Treasury AMA Recap

7 min readFeb 2, 2022

Today we held an AMA on the COTI Telegram group, following the COTI Treasury launch. In the first half, the team answered questions that were pre submitted by the community.

Here is a recap of it:

Project: COTI Treasury

Host: Nicole Mccarty

Speaker: Alex Panasenko

Time & Date: February 2nd 1pm UTC

NICOLE: Hello everyone! My name is Nicole, marketing manager here at COTI and I will be your host for this COTI Treasury Live telegram interview.

Today we will host an AMA for COTI’s recently launched Treasury and I’m delighted to be here with Alex Panasenko, COTI’s Product Manager.

Thanks for being here with us today, Alex.

ALEX: Thanks Nicole, it’s my pleasure being here today. It’s my first ever AMA so I’m also really excited and hope we will have many more to come.

NICOLE: Many of our followers are familiar with COTI’s Treasury and got to deposit yesterday, but could you give us a brief recap of what the Treasury is, and what it does?

ALEX: Sure. First of all I want to thank our community for their engagement yesterday and the trust they put in us. We saw an amazing demand for Treasury Staking and the numbers speak for themselves. As a product manager I’m happy to see we have hit the nail on the head in terms of delivering value to our community. So about the Treasury and what it is; I want to encourage our community members to read the article we have published on Medium called “Everything you need to know about the Treasury” it holds a lot of valuable information on how the Treasury operates and how you as a community member can gain from Staking COTI. In a nutshell COTI’s Treasury is an algorithmic and decentralized pool of $COTI where users can deposit $COTI and be rewarded for their participation. Treasury enables our community members to deposit any amount they wish and claim APY in a forum of rewards distributed based on their deposit risk profile. The risk profile is set by the depositor and ranges from no liquidation risk to high liquidation risk that is calculated by deposits multiplier. So definitely check out the article and if you already did, remember “Don’t be like Alex”.

NICOLE: What was COTI’s vision when they decided to create the Treasury?

ALEX: I will tell you a personal story. When I was entertaining the idea of joining the company as a Product Manager, one of my to do items was to do research about COTI’s Treasury. I must say after reviewing the White Paper I immediately became a fan, because I saw the huge potential of this offering and how it complimented all the surrounding services that COTI had built up to that point. Now as COTI’s Product Manager when I’m exposed to our roadmap I can tell for sure that I wasn’t wrong with my assumptions. In my mind the revolutionary idea behind Treasury compared to other traditional financial services offerings is that it enables its users to participate in the companies success by enjoying rewards that will grow over time as the company scales and increases its suite of services, unlike in the traditional financial services industry that basically decide on how the product will behave and how much the user will pay for the offered service. There are plans in place to make the treasury self-governed by introducing the Governance tokens that will empower the community and enable them to participate in the decision making process and the future of the platform. To me it’s a decentralization and distribution of power to the people and I’m a strong believer in this idea.

NICOLE: Would you explain to us why the Treasury is so important and what users can expect from the Treasury in the future?

ALEX: This is our first Treasury release. And we already have a full backlog of items we want to improve and enhance in terms of additional functionality. For example: HF Calculators that will enable input target HF and the platform will calculate required top-up amount, Push notifications, Native Mobile App support, Deposit Reports that will show you what happened throughout the entire deposit life cycle, Governance tokens, and much more. We also plan to engage our community in an effort to learn more about what you like or feel we need to add.

NICOLE: Awesome, thanks Alex. Many users have submitted questions about the Treasury to our pre AMA form. Let’s answer some of those questions before we take live ones.

Crypto Bro asked: Why did you guys choose to add the option of leveraged staking? What benefits does this bring to COTI?

ALEX: Adding the multiplier to Staking benefits the community by enabling community members to maximize their staking rewards so for example if i’m not a whale in terms of available i can still earn a decent amount of investment on my deposited COTI. With that said our community members must educate themselves and make their own financial decisions based on their risk appetite.

NICOLE: The black smit asked: You can do extended lockup, so that it automatically extends a certain lockup you choose. Does that mean that after 30 days, the health factor resets?

ALEX: Deposit health factor is calculated every 60 seconds and it may increase or decrease based on COTI market price, unless you lock your deposit with a multiplier of x1 then health factor does not play a role in your deposit and your deposit is safe from being liquidated.

NICOLE: Reece’OG asked: How are coti users protected from permanent loss in using the simple 1x multiplier? If we aim to lock up funds for 3 to 6 months?

ALEX: If a user sets a multiplier x1 his deposit does not have a health factor that is subjected to COTI market price fluctuations. In other words his deposit cannot be liquidated.

NICOLE: ROD asked: The cost of converting COTI from ERC-20 Binance to native seems to be high. Is there a better way?

ALEX: Please note that ERC20 to COTI bridge has a high fee related to Ethereum high GAS fees.

NICOLE: Theo asked: when will we have a ledger support for viper wallet and native token ?

ALEX: We have plans to release Ledger support and we are working with the Ledger team in order to release this in the near future. I currently cannot comment on a release date.

NICOLE Grand remus zebra asked: Do you plan to offer other rewards than COTI ? For example, stake $COTI and get $Djed ? Or the contrary ?

ALEX: I cannot release any information yet but I can share that we are working on our Multi Currency project and it will be a real game changer in terms of our network ability to interact with non native assets, stay tuned.

NICOLE: germlin1 asked: What is the oracle used by the treasury to determine the current price of $coti and indirectly the risk of liquidation ?

ALEX: We use multiple market data providers to ensure we have the most accurate information possible available to the Treasury.

NICOLE: Kanon1f asked: For each project, the community contributes to the success of the project. So, what strategies do you have for community development and long-term user retention?

ALEX: Releasing Treasury is part of our strategy to encourage community engagement by earning rewards from our services. As we increase our services portfolio and strategic partnerships the community will reap the rewards by being deposited in the treasury. Our success is directly translated to our community members’ success.

NICOLE: Leonardo asked: Will COTI systems have a notification system via email to warn users when their health factor reaches a certain threshold they can set?

ALEX: We are working on a notification system through the wallet. We understand the importance of this to the community and it’s one of our top priority items in our Treasury backlog.

NICOLE: Martin James asked: I would like to know if statistical data regarding the Treasury will be disclosed in a transparent manner, such as total value locked TVL, amount of transactions processed, amount of fees collected, amount of rewards distributed, etc.

ALEX: Yes, we plan to offer reporting on an individual deposit life cycle so the depositor will be able to assess his deposit performance over time, also we plan to provide a dashboard that will give information on the performance of the treasury in general.

NICOLE: Prime node asked: Are there still plans to offer the governance tokens to those that deposited early in the Treasury?

ALEX: We do plan to introduce governance tokens down the road. How you will obtain governance tokens is described in the Treasury white paper.

NICOLE: Thank you Alex for answering so many of the community’s questions. And thank you to everyone who tuned in today. Currently, there is 119 million COTI deposited into the Treasury and that number is growing fast.

ALEX: Thank you Nicole for hosting this session, I’m proud to be a part of COTI and its community. We have many more surprises coming so stay tuned and stay COTI.

If you have any additional questions you may write them in the telegram. Have a great day!

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