COTI Spotlight on Orion Pool

We are excited to announce that both $COTI (BEP20) and $GOVI were added to Orion Pool today, as part of COTI’s partnership with Orion. Not only will this enable global access and across CEX and DEX to $COTI and $GOVI, liquidity providers for the COTI/BNB and GOVI/ETH pools will be able to earn 0.3% pool fees + farming rewards.

By trading $COTI and $GOVI on the Orion Terminal, users can now:

  • Access $COTI + $GOVI globally, regardless of jurisdiction
  • No account, no KYC: decentralized access to $COTI + $GOVI directly from your wallet
  • Trade $COTI and $GOVI at the best prices across CEX + DEX
  • Enjoy cross-exchange arbitrage opportunities

The launch of this pool and spotlight marks the first stage of the partnership between Orion and COTI, spanning a CVI integration into Orion Terminal, a Liquidity Boost Plugin partnership, and more to come:

COTI’s CVI: Volatility creates trading opportunities on Orion Terminal. But trading in a volatile market, as with trading in general, should always come from an informed position. The integration of COTI’s CVI into Orion Terminal will allow users to understand market volatility, develop trading strategies for short-term gains, and hedge their portfolio against price fluctuations — all on Orion Terminal.

Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin: enabling COTI-X immediate access to any source of liquidity in the market, from all centralized and decentralized exchanges, unlocking virtually limitless liquidity and tight spreads on all currencies within the COTI ecosystem. COTI-X forms a critical part of the overall COTI ecosystem, allowing COTI to bootstrap and supply liquidity to both the COTI network and external networks in a manner not previously possible. As such, Orion will play an integral role in bolstering the growth of the COTI network.

Watch COTI’s CEO, Shahaf Bar-Geffen, interviewed by Orion Protocol’s CMO, Timothea Horwell:

For the full details about $COTI and $GOVI pools farming, read here.

About Orion Pool

Orion Pool V2 launched on Tuesday, August 3rd. Now, any asset can list on Orion as easily as leading swaps, but with a number of industry-first benefits such as spotlighting, native farming, complex order types, global access across centralized and decentralized exchanges, and more.

With this launch, Orion Terminal became the only trading platform to enable decentralized access to centralized and decentralized liquidity sources in one place. Users can seamlessly trade across Orion Pool, CEXs, and DEXs directly from their wallet (without KYC and regardless of jurisdiction), and the order will always be routed to the liquidity source with the best price.

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The world’s first DAG protocol optimized for creating decentralized payment networks and stable coins. Visit our website

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The world’s first DAG protocol optimized for creating decentralized payment networks and stable coins. Visit our website

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