COTI Partners with Yepple to Integrate Djed into Their NFT Payment Gateway

2 min readJan 5


We are happy to announce a new Djed partnership, this time with Yepple, a blockchain development company that sets up NFT payment gateways that utilize any fungible native token as a means of payment. When selling an NFT collection, project creators are subjected to the fluctuating price of ADA. To prevent this from happening, creators will now list their NFTs with a $DJED price tag. This will help creators to have a predictable amount of income.

Nicholas Fekete, Yepple CEO, remarked:

“We cannot wait to implement DJED into our NFT payment gateway. Once we’ve done so, we will certainly implement it into our other custom solutions. With the constant fluctuations of the ADA price, Cardano’s native token, having a stablecoin as a payment method, is a must for project creators. This will help creators solidify their funding for the future development of their project.”

This partnership, along with some of the previous ones we have announced, is aimed at ensuring the proper utilization of Djed across the entire Cardano ecosystem. Specifically, this partnership will enhance the integration of Djed payments for NFTs on Cardano. Stay tuned for more updates.

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About Yepple

Yepple is a blockchain development company that specializes in setting up NFT payment gateways that utilize any fungible native token as a means of payment. In addition, Yepple also provides Blockchain solutions such as setting up airdrop mechanisms, Web 3.0 website development, NFT staking, custom development and many others.

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