COTI NFT Game: 3rd Winter Raffle Results!

1 min readNov 4, 2021


We are happy to announce that our third weekly raffle of the Winter season has selected 205 winners, who either won 15 Common NFTs + 1,000 $COTI, 170 VIPER Collection NFTs, or 20 of the Legendary NFTs.

The snapshot was taken on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021, at 06:25:01 AM (UTC).

In addition, we are happy to announce that our first Winter-Midseason raffle has selected 2 lucky winners, winning 5,000 $COTI each!

Winner 1:

ETH Address: 0xb8aA3dF5E848c8F8878cAf26Df5CB257061c64D0

Coti Address: b910afdb235cf483011766aababd1bb18039911aa87324c13413b628c8f572fabf8ae45d51b3433368121bb51f215f2a22fc6620e92378c54a1f26164264a3aeda283e64

Winner 2:

ETH Address: 0x52E81E783c31aF343dFD01084F35deCBCeD9FC18

Coti Address: 093dadd1a6c28fd4e09ddf187ea626e03e1ab53215089f59aff1a7a0d07a50494720030fb16be8c05749a3029a987817c25405707fa5ca4bc12af94f5ca1c3f7928631fc

Congratulations to the winners! Watch the full winners’ list on the website:

Next week we will have the fourth and last weekly raffle of our NFT game — don’t forget to click Claim!

You can join our designated Telegram Group, where you can discuss and trade with each other.

Want to join the game for the chance to win up to 2,000,000 $COTI? Check out our Game Guide for further information.

Stay COTI!

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