COTI Newsletter — September 2nd

Double listing on two of the world’s top exchanges!

Many of you may still be experiencing the excitement of Bitcoin (BTC) breaking the $50,000 mark on August 22. Well, we’ve got some more good news! COTI also reached a monumental milestone last week.

Cardano’s ADA reaches a record high, COTI continues to advance the ecosystem

COTI’s CEO, Shahaf Bar-Geffen, recently provided several updates on COTI’s medium to keep our community informed and up-to-date with our latest happenings. While all of these updates are important, we want to highlight our partnership with Cardano.

$COTI wins Orion’s ‘Battle Of The Pools’

It’s also exciting to point out that soon, farming will be enabled for $COTI on Orion Protocol. On August 20, Orion Protocol sent out a tweet saying $COTI has won its “Battle Of The Pools.”

Mainnet 2.0 upgrade in the works

Following the listing of $COTI on tier 1 exchanges, we plan to upgrade the network to Mainnet 2.0. We have been busy working on building out Mainnet 2.0, and we will soon reveal new features that will greatly help with scalability and other critical issues. Users will not be required to make any changes or updates once we migrate to Mainnet 2.0. Mainnet 3.0 is also already in the works, as well and we plan to make that upgrade about a year from now.

Banking and debit cards are coming soon. …

Crypto debit cards continue to be a hot topic of conversation, especially as younger generations seek ways to spend their crypto. It’s impressive to note that during the first half of this year, payments giant Visa processed over $1 billion in crypto spending. With this in mind, we are excited to share that our first testing debit and banking cards have arrived.

NFTs are on fire…and our raffle results are in!

NFTs are undoubtedly the hottest crypto assets of 2021. NFTs aren’t just piquing the interest of retail investors either — most recently Visa acquired a CryptoPunk NFT for a whopping $150,000.

COTI’s plan for the coming years to be revealed

In addition to our recent updates, Shahaf mentioned that he is most excited about COTI’s master plan for the coming years.

Meet the team behind COTI

COTI has been welcoming a number of new hires to the team recently! Here are a few new faces at COTI:

Stay COTI!

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