August Staking Rewards Distributed

2 min readSep 6, 2021

We are happy to share that the rewards for the August staking cycle have been successfully distributed on September 2nd, 2021.

The past few weeks have been very exciting, as $COTI was listed on Huobi Global (Native and ERC-20) and Coinbase Pro (ERC-20) the same day. In addition, we proudly published COTI’s Growth Plan to become a next-generation financial ecosystem. The main pillar of COTI’s Growth Plan is the Treasury platform, which among many other innovative tools and options, will make COTI’s Staking program available for everyone. Using the Treasury, users will be able to set their staking level, staking period, and even influence on how the Treasury algorithm manages their leverage and risk level, democratizing the Staking platform for all.

As for August Staking cycle, the total staking pool reached 142M $COTI. The current COTI’s staking reward model is based on the merchant’s transaction volume that is processed on the Trustchain. It generates fees for node operators and stakers, which are distributed as per their staking shares in the nodes.

We’d like to welcome the stakers who have joined the COTI stakers’ family and assure you that we continue to strive for COTI’s staking program to keep on being one of the most popular staking programs out there. We’re sorry for the long waiting list to join. We continue to grow our network to allow more stakers to join.

Stake COTI, Stay COTI!

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