An All-Time High Record For the COTI Treasury: half a Billion $COTI Has Been Deposited!

2 min readFeb 22, 2023

We are proud to share an amazing milestone for the COTI Treasury: A total balance of over half a billion $COTI has been deposited!

Since its launch, the Treasury has grown rapidly, and has become a major pillar in the COTI economy. Capturing half a billion of $COTI in the Treasury, which is equal to 42% of the circulating supply, this figure is a proof of the trust you have in us and the products we’re building.

The Treasury sits at the very core of our ecosystem. All the processing fees from the suite of products we have developed are being streamlined to the Treasury and distributed to its users. As shared in our recent article, this year we plan to introduce Treasury 2.0, which includes enhancements that will take the Treasury a step further towards fulfilling its potential. For the first time, the Treasury will allow new tokens to be deposited and locked within it, growing the overall value it captures and introducing new use cases.

The Treasury enhancements and additions will not only increase the benefits to current Treasury participants, but will also allow COTI to extend the reach of the Treasury to other network participants and token holders. This, coupled with the introduction of gCOTI, COTI’s Treasury governance token, that has already been minted are the plans we have in store for the Treasury. We will share more details regarding the gCOTI campaign soon.

Once again, we appreciate every participant in the Treasury, and everyone that has supported us so far. Thank you for seeing value in what we are building and trusting the process.

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