ADA Pay — Development Update

  • An incentive system — providing appropriate rewards for operating full nodes, incentives to delegate stake, a means of setting transaction fees, and more.
  • Stake pools — which motivate delegation to a large number of stake pools, ensuring the ongoing decentralization of the network.
  • Ouroboros-BFT (OBFT) implementation — a necessary technical step in preparing for full decentralization with Shelley.
  • A wallet backend redesign
  • Faster wallet restoration
  • Improved wallet backup and recovery
  • A feature that will make it possible to have shorter wallet addresses which enable an easier communications
  • And more

Stay COTI!



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COTI is a DAG-based Layer 1, specifically designed for Enterprises. COTI’s Protocol is scalable, fast, private, inclusive, low cost and is optimized for finance