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COTI and will explore ways to implement the Djed stablecoin — the first stablecoin on Cardano — with the OccamX decentralized exchange (DEX). As recipients of IOHK’s cFund, both …

We held an AMA session about COTI bank account & debit card. For this occasion, we hosted Simplex CEO, Nimrod Lehavi, and COTI CEO, Shahaf Bar Geffen.

Here’s the full recap:


Hello dear community!


Hello everyone! Shahaf is here!


We are super happy to have another AMA…

We are happy to announce that our second Midseason raffle has selected 2 lucky winners, winning 5,000 $COTI each!

Winner 1:

ETH: 0x74c6Eeb5Ca5e91c00dfB545E91d1a43F9B0D0785


Winner 2:

ETH: 0x6b4a71fadcf87cc7aa656bc8a90590e78d83a158


The snapshot was taken on Wednesday, August 11th, 2021, at 06:20:03 AM (UTC)…

We are happy to share that the rewards for the September staking cycle have been successfully distributed on October 3rd, 2021. The processing volume in September was 6% higher than it was in August.

The past few weeks have been very exciting, revealing COTI’s Growth Plan, releasing COTI’s Debit cards…

We are happy to share that a new community node will be added, starting from October’s staking cycle: Weepaddy Node! The new node will go live on COTI’s MainNet on October 1st with 9M COTI staking capacity, which will bring the total staking volume to 151M $COTI!

The Weepaddy Node…

We are happy to announce that our fourth weekly raffle of the Autumn season has selected 205 winners, who either won 15 Common NFTs + 1,000 $COTI, 170 VIPER Collection NFTs, or 20 of the Legendary NFTs.

The snapshot of the weekly raffle was taken on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021…

We are thrilled to announce that COTI bank account and VISA Debit Cards are finally here! We have been working with our close partner, Simplex, to provide our users with COTI bank accounts and debit cards, and we are happy to have successfully achieved this important milestone.

What’s the advantage…

As just revealed during the Cardano Summit by none other than Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s founder, COTI will become the official Djed issuer, Cardano’s new stablecoin.

Djed is a stablecoin based on an algorithmic design. …

COTI continues to be a key player in Cardano’s NFT auctions with an additional NFT auction. First used by Wolfram Alpha for their NFT auction, and now for Cardano-based NFT auction with rock n’ roll icon Billy F Gibbons of ZZ Top, as announced by Cardano.

We are happy to announce that we have taken the first step in Defi over Cardano, by partnering with Ardana, to bring stablecoin crypto-to-fiat payments to the Cardano community, as well as consumers & merchants worldwide.

Ardana will bring decentralized stablecoin payments to AdaPay, meaning that users will be able…


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